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Mondovì, The Museum of Ceramics

Museo della ceramica Mondovì

Where you discover the artisanal tradition of the Monregalese.

The productive and industrial history of Mondovì is inextricably linked to ceramics. Numerous important ceramic manufactures were active here in the 20th century, including the “Vecchia Mondovì” Besio factory, the Richard Ginori factory and the Beltrandi factory. Welcome to the Museum of Ceramics!

Located in the prestigious Fauzone di Germagnano building, the Museum of Ceramics preserves the memory of this long-standing artisanal tradition. Here, you can learn how a ceramic plate is made and decorated and which production techniques and decorative trends were used over the course of time. The building is one of the oldest in the city, dating back to the first decades of the 13th century, when it belonged to one of the most powerful noble families in the Piedmont. It contains historical rooms of great value, with wooden ceilings from the 18th century, complex stucco decorations and frescoes (including the extremely valuable “Phaethon”). The Museum offers a tour across 17 rooms, with a collection of more than 600 ceramic objects. Another 2,000 objects are part of the Museum’s patrimony, kept in depots which can be visited by scholars, collectors and art connoisseurs.

The Museum of Ceramics

The Museum of Ceramics… where you can set your own table!

The Museum’s ceramic objects come from the collection of Mark Levi, the last owner of the “Besio” factory. In addition to the ceramics from the factory, Levi also bought Carlo Baggioli’s collection, the largest collection of ceramic objects produced in the Monregalese. Levi achieved his dream of creating a place to preserve the history of the local ceramic tradition. Well-known and temporary exhibitions are also held in the current headquarters. And, thanks to a multimedia special effects interactive room, visitors can choose which dishes they want and set their own table!

The Museum of Ceramics

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Opening hours: Fridays and Saturdays from 3pm to 6pm, Sundays and public holidays from 10am to 6pm; in the summer season from mid-June to mid-September the museum closes at 7pm. The exact dates of the summer season are subject to change. Official website:


Museo della Ceramica di Mondovì
Palazzo Fauzone di Germagnano
Piazza Maggiore 1
12084 Mondovì (CN)



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